Friday, April 24, 2009

My BFF has done it again.

The Saintly Jennifer Paganelli, patron saint of crafters and all things that glitter, has been kind enough to direct her parishioners to my new blog, and the old one too, for all of your custom quilting needs. She isn't even requiring that I use her fabrics exclusively- although, who wouldn't want to? Well there may be a few boys out there wanting something a bit more manly... So until my new website- "GO MAKE YOUR BED!" is up and running with shopping cart and everything- contact me directly-
or call
I would love to hear from you!

Mid- Century Spring...

This was FUN! I'm always amazed at how the birds have total faith in the coming of spring. Not a leaf on a tree, dark gloomy days, rain, rain, and more rain and sleet! They start building there nests in earnest, while the rest of us moan and groan- longing for forsythia and lilacs. Well, they were right again. Spring has sprung, the trees are budding out, the forsythia is practically on it's way out, and my quilt is finished. Just in time for the new born birdies... and don't forget to put out your thread snips and little fabric bits. The birds love to decorate there nests, too, and it's magic when you see a bit of some quilt you worked on in the nest along with the mud and twigs. Quilters have been doing this for years. I promise to take a picture, next time I find one.

Dance with me, baby! Baby quilts that groove.

The new Sis Boom "Dance with me" line, out this June... (sorry!) is really inspiring to me. I had been itching to do something with it, when one of Jennifer Paganelli's fans asked her about a baby quilt for her new niece, Paisley- we love the name. And so, the 36"x 36" baby quilts, with a paisley quilting motif stitched right in, were born... TWINS! "Dance with me , Baby" and "Block- A- Bye , Baby." They can be yours- $90.00, plus shipping and handling. Soon you will be able to fill up your shopping cart on my website, but until then email (, or call
(203) 856-9432.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dorm on a Drawstring

Imagine. The time has flown by so quickly. Your daughter is getting ready for what is likely her first long stay away from home. She wants to establish her independence and sense of self, yet you want her to have the security of a place to call home. Yes, you can get some pretty cool stuff at Target and Walmart, at a pretty good price. But let's talk about "Pretty", pretty please! This is all made from Jennifer Paganelli's Pretty Please and Flower Power line. And this is all made right here in the good ole USA- in my house! A true "Cottage Industry" in my cottage! Partnering up with my friend Maritza Bermudez, we have created "A Dorm on a Drawstring"! You get a quilt with your choice of fabric on both sides and a trim. It comes with a standard sized pillow case in coordinating fabrics, a lavendar sachet eye bag to rest those book sore eyes, all inside a drawstring bag that doubles as a king sized pillow case or a laundry bag. You can also get a duvet cover, ruffled shams, and bedskirts to match- at an additional charge. NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE THIS!!!
All 100% cotton.
Oh, you don't have to be a college student to have this kind of styleish living. Available in all bed sizes.

"Dorm On a Drawstring" special:
Twin Quilt OR Duvet 
(w/pillow and bag) $325.00

Twin quilt $300.00
Twin Duvet $300.00
Full/Queen Quilt $375.00
Full/Queen Duvet $375.00
King Quilt $420.00
King Duvet $420.00
Standard Pillow Cases $35.00 each
Standard pillow case w/ piping or ruffles $50.00
22"x22'' sham w/piping or ruffles $75.00
26" x26" sham with piping or ruffles $90.00
( pillow inserts are available upon request)
*please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for any order, and up to 8 weeks. Some fabrics take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but if I get it sooner, you will, too!*


Though I may have started my career as a fashion model, my sense of style is more directed to the comforts of home. I love colors, and texture, and one of my passions is quilting. I have been so inspired by my new custom bedding line idea- especially the "Dorm On A Drawstring"- I feel like a kid again! I've been in touch with a lot of my friends who now have kids going off to camp, boarding school or college, and they all want to send them off with the comforts of home. The way it works is, you choose the fabrics- mix and match- the more the better- quilts and duvet covers, pillow cases and shams. Ruffles, or not- kind of a "Project Runway" meets "Top Design"- YOUR design! And, Voila! Bravo! So here's to my new endeavor, with your help and sense of style, we will create your sanctuary of choice. Oh, and you don't have to leave home to get started... or be 17 again...