Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Though I may have started my career as a fashion model, my sense of style is more directed to the comforts of home. I love colors, and texture, and one of my passions is quilting. I have been so inspired by my new custom bedding line idea- especially the "Dorm On A Drawstring"- I feel like a kid again! I've been in touch with a lot of my friends who now have kids going off to camp, boarding school or college, and they all want to send them off with the comforts of home. The way it works is, you choose the fabrics- mix and match- the more the better- quilts and duvet covers, pillow cases and shams. Ruffles, or not- kind of a "Project Runway" meets "Top Design"- YOUR design! And, Voila! Bravo! So here's to my new endeavor, with your help and sense of style, we will create your sanctuary of choice. Oh, and you don't have to leave home to get started... or be 17 again...


  1. what fun to see you at 17 - and great idea for all the young 17 year olds - fun stuff for the dorm room -

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I ran into your friend, Jennifer Paganelli, at Hearst Publications today. She was there to meet with Country Living magazine; I was there waiting for my daughter who was at a fitting for a Seventeen shoot next week. When I mentioned Seventeen Magazine to Jennifer, she thought of you! Wonderful cover shots!

  3. The world just gets smaller and smaller, and history repeats itself! I must stop in sometime to your shop- I'm just in Wilton. Thanks for visiting the blog, and good luck to your daughter.

  4. Oh, my gosh...I remember that middle cover. I am a magazine nut, very visual - can't remember things unless I see them and I totally remember you on that cover. Loved that magazine. You didn't happen to model the for the chamios cloth spread they did, did you? That picture made me think of that - they made things(clothes, etc)out of those chamois cloths you dry your car with. Very cool, I thought. I still use some recipes from the seventeen magazine - they had a cooking section for awhile. Love your bedding line - isn't fabric THE BEST!