Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go take a nap!

Okay, class. It's naptime. Ahhh, the nap. Imagine someone actually demanding that you cuddle up mid afternoon and close your eyes. Perhaps even nod off into slumberland for a few precious moments. This kindergarten memory has inspired a series of sleeping bags, nap rolls, "nap" sacks if you will. Perhaps not quite tent worthy in cooler weather, but certainly just right for a dimly lit classroom, living room floor, dining room table fort- you know, the kind with a few sheets thrown over the top...
This Napping Sack is made with all of Heather Bailey's fabric, and hence her name is Heather. I will do a few more as soon as I have a minute, the next will be "Jennifer"- for her namesake, Jennifer Paganelli.
Custom made to order. Personal touches can include hair and eye color- whatever it takes to make her your own. ($275.00) Includes 2 dolls and a pillow.