Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go take a nap!

Okay, class. It's naptime. Ahhh, the nap. Imagine someone actually demanding that you cuddle up mid afternoon and close your eyes. Perhaps even nod off into slumberland for a few precious moments. This kindergarten memory has inspired a series of sleeping bags, nap rolls, "nap" sacks if you will. Perhaps not quite tent worthy in cooler weather, but certainly just right for a dimly lit classroom, living room floor, dining room table fort- you know, the kind with a few sheets thrown over the top...
This Napping Sack is made with all of Heather Bailey's fabric, and hence her name is Heather. I will do a few more as soon as I have a minute, the next will be "Jennifer"- for her namesake, Jennifer Paganelli.
Custom made to order. Personal touches can include hair and eye color- whatever it takes to make her your own. ($275.00) Includes 2 dolls and a pillow.


  1. Hi Nancy -
    LOVE these posts on beds! You've inspired me to do a post on some quilts I've collected and love. I've let some go over the years, but theres a few that are just mine -

    Thanks for the inspiration - Love your blog.

  2. my kids are all grown.... or i would buy 3 of these lovely napsacks! as it is, i'm trying to figure out how to justify buying one!
    wonderful job, it's just beautiful.

  3. VERY clever Nancy!! Love daughter is too old for this now, and we aren't at the grandparent's age yet...but this is cute!!

  4. This napping sack is just so cute! I love the Matrioshka theme and the vibrant colours. Very beautifully done!

  5. absolutely adorable...couldn't be cuter. classy and unique. love it.