Monday, May 17, 2010

Custom quilt for sorority sisters.

This quilt was commissioned by a sorority, AST, Alpha Sigma Tau.
The mother of on of the girls had just passed away from breast cancer a month ago, and they wanted to let her know she would always be surrounded by her sisters.
Each girl chose a fabric from the Sis Boom fabric line and their name was then printed on muslin and framed within the fabric square. At the center, a special square in remembrance of the mother. The quilting pattern was ribbons, like the pink ribbons that symbolize the fight for a cure for cancer.
This project was a labor of love and I think a great way to show you care.


  1. I love all the quilts shown here. esp the tree and birds. so beautiful!

  2. This quilt turned out BEAUTIFULLY. I love the quilting design. It really is a quilt 'from the heart'.

  3. What a lovely quilt!! Love how it turned out, the fabrics, the colours, everything !!