Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My friend has made it!

Jan Eleni. When I first came to know her she had an amazing shop, a tiny space on East 9th Street in NY's Greenwich village. Chock a block full of European antiques and object de arts, it was often frequented by the fabulous and fashionable. I always new she would take NYC by storm, and always thought she had star quality... But when you are featured on Decor 8's blog- your life will change forever! It's so nice when people who have worked so hard are at last rewarded with the acknowledgement they deserve. Congratulations ,Jan... I hope we will still have time for wonderful dinners at your brownstone in Brooklyn. Check out her collages made with your childs art! (Do you see a quilt here, or is it just me?)


  1. Thats so neat, it would be amazing to be featured on Decor8!

    Maybe you will be featured someday Nancy!

  2. This is amazing..because I saw that framed child art collage on decor8 and really LOVED this idea. So darn clever..and organized!