Thursday, July 16, 2009

This cake was a kick!

Thanks to my Wilton Cake mold I was able to creat a magical Dutch soccer ball cake for our friend, Dutch Clown/ Hair Dresser to the stars... (REALLY!!!) Ronnie Stam. His gorgeous Greek Goddess wife, Jan Eleni, did an amazing job cooking and decorating their fab Ft. Greene floor- thru, complete with Alice in Wonderland garden. Maybe our magical manure played a part in that??? You may remember pics of it from an earlier post, "A garden grows in Brooklyn."By the way never under estimate the power of Magic Candles... it was hilariuos!


  1. That is an awesome cake! Well done :) I love birthdays.

  2. those candles are fun aren't they! Good job on the cake! Love that mischevious look on your face in the one photo...